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Top 5 DMHA Pre-Workouts!

And so the time has come, the reign of DMHA, DMBA and all of its derivatives have come to a close, with the official, class 10 TGA ban being enforced as of October 1st.  While we know this is devastating news for all you stimulant lovers, there is a glimpse of light that may give you a rare opportunity to enjoy those DMHA feels one last time…

As of October 1st, distribution of all products containing DMHA, DMBA (aka AMP Citrate) and all other derivatives of these compounds are prohibited, meaning no more stock can be ordered or acquired. However, if you haven’t caught on already, Muscle Coach is totally stocked up with all you favorite DMHA products, with the all clear to move out whatever remaining stock we have until the shelves are all dried up!

So while the opportunity to stock up is there, which DMHA/DMBA products are best, and worth every penny to savor that stimulant goodness? Well here are Muscle Coach’s top 5 recommendations for those who want to get the best kick out of very last drop of their DMHA products.

  1. TOTAL WAR – From our good friends at Redcon1, is the most well-balanced, high stimulant pre-workout we’ve seen so far. With efficacious doses of every ingredient, Total war promises great energy and focus, gnarly muscle pumps and awesome endurance without that dreaded crash. In terms of flavour, you have a crazy selection of delicious options; this pre workout is set to give you some seriously good training sessions.
  1. APE SH*T – This one is for all the stim junkies out there who just love that euphoric mental edge that is unparalleled by any other pre-workout. Gorilla Warfare are a company that have left no stone unturned with this formulation, creating an intense pre-workout that provides crazy long lasting energy coupled with a great performance boost to get you through those seemingly impossible workouts.
  1. ANNIHILATE – An old favorite that combines the strongest pre-workout matrix with the most potent fat burning ingredients, giving you the absolute best of both worlds. With great, clean long lasting energy, annihilate can be used to give you a cognitive, mood enhancing boost to get you through the day, or as an all out high intensity pre-workout. Not only do you feel great and perform brilliantly on annihilate but you also get the added benefit of an insane fat burner, stripping away that unwanted body fat while you work.
  1. BLAZE – One of the most potent fat loss products on the shelves. OCD have created a fat burner that works through multiple mechanisms to maximise fat reduction while also giving you a great mood and cognitive boost. The elevated state of mind is great for pushing you through those tough calorie deficits, allowing you to still function and perform, despite the lack of nutrients your body is receiving when cutting body fat. Another great benefit of Blaze is its appetite suppression, your mind is removed from the thought of food and cravings diminish, again enhancing you ability to push through a hard cutting phase of calorie restriction.
  1. THE ONE – Just as they have with Annihilate, BPM-Labs has hit the mark with this crazy, high stim pre-workout. Designed to give you the most intense workouts of your life, The One is a pre-workout that definitely delivers on that promise. If rampant energy, increased strength and heightened focus is something you look for from you pre, then you can’t go past The One as your pure energy-boosting stimulant of choice.

The TGA ban is a bit hard to swallow, as the validity behind the action is not quite justified. However, with the sad news of the ban, it’s nice to know there is a bit of a grace period to stock up one last time on your favorite stimulant based products. So get in store and stock up on your much-loved stims before they completely disappear, stocks are super limited so make the most of this awesome opportunity while it lasts. If you have any enquires or questions regarding the ban, the products or what the future holds, head in store or send us a message. We are always happy to help however we can.

Author Glen George from our Blackburn store!

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