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Unleash your inner Alpha Venus!


ATP Science is back at it again with another excellent product, and this one’s for you ladies. Don’t worry guys – you’ve got Alpha Prime to worry about. However, marketed as the product “Women Love” Alpha Venus has made its way onto the stage as a leading supplementary sports food. Packaged as cleanly (and a little more pink-ly) as any other ATP Product, it’s automatically an attractive product, but what’s inside really seals the deal.

Alpha Venus narrows down on estrogen dominance (or high estrogen levels), as sometimes you’d prefer a violent food craving didn’t overbear your desire to hit the gym or go for a run. You see, it’s relatively simple, the extra estrogen isn’t created in your body to annoy you, it just can get stuck and stay around for the long haul, affecting your own life and the people around you (kinda like a bad roommate). So if all this extra estrogen is building up in small deposits of fat or extra fluid, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Not to worry however! Alpha Venus, yup you guessed it, can save the day, and save you from not 100% feeling yourself. It won’t completely STOP your estrogen (that can be really bad for you) it more so ‘detoxes’ the body of excess estrogen buildup, resulting in a healthy, happier, more balanced you!

How does it do it? Simple science! Or….Simple ATP Science, because they’re the ones who cracked the code on how to do it. There are basically 3 pathways estrogen can go in your body, two of them are quite bad, and end up storing themselves for the long haul, whereas there is one pathway which can dispose of it and properly utilise it. Alpha Venus does exactly that, using ingredients such as Rosmarinus officinalis and Brassica oleracea aka Rosemary and Broccoli to interact with the NRF-2 Gene, regulating the detoxification of the estrogen running throughout your body, and eventually clearing and cleaning it out!

Alongside that, there is Chaste tree extract which contains dopamine, furthering the good feeling you can get out of Alpha Venus!

In summary, ATP Science’s Alpha Venus will provide a nice hormonal profile to promote lean muscle and reduce fat whilst bringing out a healthy, clean feel – not just by its ingredients, but through the results that it should help you achieve!


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