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What Do Pre Workouts Actually Do?


Pre-workouts are some of the most popular and sort after supps on the market today. There’s so many to choose from and we stock an awesome range of different ones to suit a variety of needs.

Pre workouts are known to boost your energy, but is that the only thing they do?

This article is going to break down the different ingredients pre workouts contain to explore how they do so much more than just simply boosting your energy.

Firstly, it’s important to point out that when we talk about the benefits of different ingredients in pre workouts, we’re talking about clinical doses. If the product doesn’t contain the clinical does of an ingredient, it’s unlikely that it will be able deliver all the potential benefits.

That’s why label transparency is so important here. This ensures you know exactly what the pre workout contains and how much of each ingredient. This also means you know if you’re getting the correct clinical does, or just a tiny sprinkle of an ingredient that’s not going to give you any of the benefits you’re after.


Energy is obviously one of the key things you want in a pre workout. This generally comes from high levels of caffeine. Different types of caffeine will give you different types of energy. First caffeine anhydrous gives you an immediate burst of energy, whereas di-caffeine malate can provide a smoother longer lasting energy to see you right through a workout. Optimal dose of caffeine is between 200-500mg.

Strength and Endurance

A combination of different ingredients can really boost your stengnth and endurance in a workout.

The first one is Beta Alanine. This helps increase the concentration of Carnosine within the muscle, acting as an acidity buffer to help clear away fatigue toxins that would ordinarily build up and inhibit your ability to train for extended periods of time. This means more pumps for you , helping you to train harder and stimulating more muscle growth. Dosing required is 3-5 grams. Higher doses of this one might have you feeling a bit jittery and tingly. If you’re not a fan of this ingredient in a pre workout, there are some that offer lower doses.

Creatine is another ingredient that will help boost your strength. It does this by supporting production of ATP (adenosine Triphosphate) which is one of the body’s most important sources of energy. This fuels muscular contractions and maximises muscle’s ability to recover. Recommended dosing for Creatine is between 3 and 5 grams.

Taurine can enhance muscular endurance by up to 50%. Using Taurine from a pre workout helps maintain muscular performance at a higher level for an extended period of time. Recommended Dosing is between 1-2grams.

Muscle Recovery

Amino acids can aid in muscle synthesis and recovery, so they’re often added to pre workouts for that extra kick. Aminos preserve muscle glycogen and prevent muscle breakdown by giving the body what it needs so that it won’t need to draw from skeletal muscle. Amino acids aren’t always included in a pre workout as some people like to take them separately.

Glutamine also helps prevents muscle breakdown by aiding in protein metabolism. It can increase growth hormone levels, stabilise endurance and reduce fatigue.

Fat Burning

Pre workouts can also contain ingredients that can boost fat burning, meaning that you get more out of the one product. For example, green tea extract is a common ingredient in pre workouts. It contains the active ingredient EGCG which improves fat burning and works as a mild stimulant.


Pre workouts can also boost your cognitive ability too. Nootropics are starting to be included in pre workout formulas. Nootropics refer to the class of supplements that have a direct effect on mental performance. They boost your clarity, mood, learning, memory focus and alertness. This can enhance your workout performance, helping you get some awesome results.

L-Tyrosine is another popular pre workout ingredient for mental clarity. It’s an amino acid used to produce neurotransmitters such as noradrenalin and dopamine in the brain. This means it can enhance mood and focus whilst reducing stress. In a workout, too much stress can impact ability to perform, so using this ingredient prior to a workout can help with this which allows you to train for longer. The recommended does is 500mg-2000mg.

These ingredients serve different purposes in a pre workout, but this doesn’t mean that you need all of them in the one product. Understanding what each ingredient does helps you pick what you want out of a pre workout. Full transparency on a product then means you know exactly what you’re getting a product. Also make sure you read the label of your pre workout so that you are informed of what ingredients are in it and how they might effect you.

OCD Nutrition Level XBSN Endorush and Kodiak Attack are some newer pre workouts we stock that provide full label transparency. Check them out today and contact us if you have an questions!

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