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What is Amino Charged WPI?


International Protein has been in the game so long they can be classified as legends. With a great variety of flavours and products, International Protein definitely gets straight to the point. No stuffing around. No false promises. They are here to help you reach your gym progress goals.

Possibly their most popular product, the International Protein Amino Charged Whey Protein Isolate boasts an insanely high amount of protein per scoop, with around 35g’s of the 40g scoop full of delicious protein. International Protein’s WPI also has less than 1% of Carbohydrates and sugars and is naturally high in bioactive peptides which are great for muscle tissue synthesis and immune system support. The protein also has a massive concentration (24%-25%) of branch chain amino acids, especially leucine. This is excellent for getting the recovery you need and deserve after a massive session.

Arguably, their WPI has the one of the fastest absorption rates amongst other proteins today, the di and tri peptides are carefully hydrolysed so they can reach the liver as soon as possible to begin the chemical processes. From there on your muscles will begin to grow and recover simultaneously, speed is the key here!

Free form L-Glutamine and L-Arginine are another set of amino acids added to International Protein’s impressive profile. They’re here to help your muscles during periods of low energy and activity.

This ultra lean WPI is also gluten free and proudly has zero fillers in the ingredients, meaning nasty vegetable gums and thickeners are left out, in turn making the process of filtering in your body even quicker! Straight to the point!

This Australian product is the absolute best ingredient-wise to begin hitting the gym harder than ever before, and see gains come quicker than expected! The massive amount of protein per scoop and absolute absence of unnecessary fillers make International Protein’s WPI a great, clean, and high quality product that will help you achieve your goals!


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