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What is Hydrolysed Protein?


When you eat breakfast, you want clean food, when you eat lunch, you want clean food, and when you eat dinner, you guessed it, you’d want clean food, right? So when you’re at the gym, just finishing up a massive session, you’d want the cleanest post workout protein (which is a supplementary meal for your body), right?

Well, the cleanest type of protein available is when it has been through the process of hydrolysis, which is breaking down the amino acids even more than you’d find in your ordinary whey protein concentrate. This means, some of the best bits in the amino acids can’t be properly absorbed into your body because they are too large and the process takes too much time, meaning you’re missing the optimal time for muscle recovery.

It has been studied and proven that protein synthesis is significantly quicker when the body is absorbing hydrolysed protein, in comparison to usual whey protein concentrate or whey protein isolate. The quicker your body can utilise the proteins, the quicker your muscles will recover, and grow.

There are more than just the benefits of easier absorption and time to absorb with hydrolysed protein as well. Studies done in the past were able to show that hydrolysed protein with carbohydrates were able to raise the level of insulin to almost 100% more than with carbohydrates alone. Insulin is an amazing anabolic hormone and crucial during exercise and during recovery to drive glycogen storage in muscles.

So things are looking pretty good for hydrolysed protein so far, so now the question comes, what type of hydrolysis will provide me with the best amino acid profile for muscle growth?

It has been observed, the two biggest methods of hydrolysis are either; extraction in a strong acid base, or using enzymes. A protein hydrolysed by enzymes is better in preserving the amino acid profile of the product as acid hydrolysed products usually oxidise important amino acids lowering protein quality and biological value.

We’re all still on the learning curve for hydrolysed protein and all the benefits it can bring, but at the moment it looks like it has a promising future in the supplements game ahead of it. And we say bring it on.

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