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What Makes This Pre Workout So Popular?

Copy_of_BCAAs_Blog_35.pngNTel Nutra: Arez God of the Gym

Since the most recent DMHA ban, the pre workout market has been missing that one, big hitting, high stimulant product that everyone loves to use to get through those really tough training sessions. It’s a hole that’s been hard to fill with nothing new quite making to that strength and stepping into that role. However, we finally have it, we have finally found a solid replacement that is bound to get people excited. Introducing, AREZ God of The Gym.

AREZ is one hard hitting pre workout that we think people are gonna love. It provides a really well balanced high stim package with great mental focus and crazy energy. If that’s not good enough, the muscle pumps and muscle endurance AREZ provides is far from average.

It’s nice to see a new pre-workout hit the market with no banned ingredients that can still give you that unparalleled energy that truly takes your workouts to the next level. AREZ has a great blend of ingredients that provide both nootropic and overall energy effects as well as ingredients that provide pump and muscle endurance effects. This makes it a great “all in one” product that doesn’t require a lot of stacking, making it great value per serve.

The Energy Matrix provides 300mg of Caffeine Anhydrous, Theobromine and Hordenine that hit you at about 30 minutes after consumption with a super intense tunnel vision effect combined with brilliant mental focus. One added benefit to AREZ is the second wave of energy you receive around 30-45 minutes into your workout. This second hit of energy comes on subtly providing nice mental clarity when you may usually start to waver. This comes from the Alpha size (Phosphoryl Choline), Huperzine and Baicalin UV which all provide that great nootropic factor and euphoria, a nice way to feel as you finish up the workout.

The addition of highly dosed of L-Citrulline and Beatine work wonders for blood flow and muscle pump which is well sustained throughout the entire session. AREZ also contains a great dose of CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine for muscle endurance and acidic waste buffering, allowing you to gain greater muscular contraction and performance through your workouts.

To top of such a well balanced pre, the “Anti-Crash/Adaption” blend which includes Mucuna Pruriens and Rhodiola (which doesn’t look like much on paper) provides amazing consistency in the rush of energy you get each time you take AREZ. Combine this with the lack of energy crash post workout tends to say that some simple ingredients work really well to smoothly calm that intense rush of energy you get, something which is nice to see in a such a strong pre-workout.

I must finish by adding, for a pre workout product with so many highly dosed active ingredients, its tastes pretty amazing… NTel Nutra have really come through with an amazing flavouring system on this on, so that’s a solid win there.

As an overall, on paper, AREZ doesn’t look like it will be “the best” pre workout for energy and focus, nor would you think it was “the best” pump and power providing product on the market, however, it does not disappoint on any of these points. It is a brilliant all rounder, hitting all the main markers of a great pre workout and doing so really well. If you’re someone missing those crazy stimulant feels, who is looking for a pre-workout that they can use as a stand alone, across the bored product, AREZ is a great option that will provide those good old high stimulant feels that people are hunting for.

Author – Glen George from our Melbourne Stores

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