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What’s all the fuss about ATP Science?


ATP Science has been in the supplement game since 2011, but it has been this past year that has defined them as an expert brand for creating real gains and truly using science to their advantage as a new leader in a range of supplement categories. Behind the brand, there is a team with backgrounds in health science, biochemistry, natural medicine and professional sports. The products ATP Science provide are an accumulative effort of all these individuals and are endorsed by professionals such as Michael Galley, Chris Thomas, and Andrea Miller. Their comments about the brand describe its intentions and vision perfectly;

“I’ve been in this game [bodybuilding] over 20 years and have never been this impressed” – Galley

“Not only does ATP Science work closely with its athletes, but also brings something very unique and never done before to the market place.” – Thomas

“The ATP Science team is a family and they want you to fulfil your potential as much as you do.” – Miller

The team at ATP Science claims that to achieve your goals, you need access to accurate information; quality food and water; and to be able to supplement your diet with the highest quality nutrients and botanicals. The latter is exactly what they provide, with a diverse range of supplements including capsules that compliment meal times, metabolic catalysts, pre-workouts, and their revolutionary Prototype 8, a cream that intensifies your pump during and after training. Each of their products are clearly identified with simple white packaging, with a different base colour, so you won’t get confused!

ATP Science constantly promotes the fact that they are in the supplement game to deliver the cold-hard scientific facts on how to use supps to your benefit – healthily and correctly. ATP Science fights for your rights to access accurate information, quality products and other resources to help you achieve the results that you deserve. They will always shy away from certain buzzwords that can lead you down a path of wasted money and no results.

Whichever type of training you’re into whether it be overall fitness, boxing, cross fit, or extreme bodybuilding, ATP Science will have a product for you.

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